Parking Lot Design

Speaking with us is an inexpensive alternative to hiring an engineering firm for parking lot design. We can easily design your parking lot to be safe, functional, and maximize parking for a fraction of the cost. We are knowledgeable of all regulations and parking lot codes associated with designing and painting a lot correctly.

Linemarking & Stencils

Line 'marking' or 'striping' is necessary for all lots and parking decks. We are capable of line marking lots in a variety of ways and are knowledgeable of all regulations and parking codes associated. Whether you have a blueprint or not, we will make your lot safe and functional. For 'restripes', we are often able to correct previous unsightly work. As far as stencils, we offer a wide variety including all standard parking lot stencils and the alphabet in many sizes. If you can think it, we can paint it.

Handicap Parking

We are knowledgeable of all handicap parking A.D.A. requirements. All business properties must conform to the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' for handicap accessibility in order to obtain a C/O. or 'Certificate of Occupancy'.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Removal of weeds, dirt, trash, and random debris using industrial sweepers, vacuums, and high powered blowers with a lot of elbow grease included as well. Prices range between .15¢ - .25¢ per square yard depending on the lot condition.

Crack Sealing

A tar based sealant for cracks more than 1/4 inch. Hot crack filling pays for itself by delaying expensive asphalt resurfacing. You can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and double the surface life expectancy. $1.00 - $1.40 per lineal foot depending on the amount of weeds or debris in the cracks.

Seal Coating

Sealing a parking lot is very important to maintaining the life of your parking lot. A quality seal coat job will laminate and weatherproof your lot, as well as provide a brand new appearance. When applied correctly, the sealer will seep into the existing cracks providing a barrier between the elements of weather and the asphalt, which will postpone deterioration for several years. The sealer we use is "Tarmax Supreme Coal Tar", which cures quickly and contains plenty of sand for traction. We recommend seal coating your lot every 4-5 years as regular maintenance.

Parking Block Installation

Parking block installation is commonly referred to as 'wheel stops'. We offer two types: Solid concrete reinforced with steel rebar and indestructible hard rubber parking blocks. Both may be installed onto asphalt or concrete.

Bollard Installation

Bollards are steel cylinders embedded into the ground with solid concrete. They are primarily used to protect things in which a vehicle could destroy; such as gas pumps, windows, air conditioning units, electrical boxes, etc.

Speed Breaker Installation

Indestructible breakers with embedded reflectors (black and yellow only) delivered and installed with end caps......$ 285.00 per 7 foot section with end caps.

Sign Installation

All standard parking lot signs are kept in stock for immediate installation. (Handicap signs, Stop signs, No Parking signs, Do Not Enter signs, etc.) Also, we are capable of having signs made to say anything you might need. Generally signs are installed onto standard steel 'U-channel' posts, but if you are in need of something more specific, just let us know.

Curb Painting

Curbs are usually painted yellow to signify 'NO PARKING' zones, and red to signify 'FIRE LANE' zones. We can thoroughly clean and paint your curb any color you like.

pothole repair

$20 per square foot cold patch. Includes debris removal, patch, and tamped/rolled.